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2016 results


2016 provincials

This year we're pleased to invite you to the Edmonton Gun Club for the 66th edition of our annual tournament. With twelve traps, only minutes from the Edmonton International Airport, complete camping accommodations, and a full service clubhouse, the club is poised to host a fantastic event! Continuing on the success of the 2015 season and being the beneficiary of a wonderful donation from the Martin family in 2013, we will again be offering $10,000.00 in added monies to the shoot. 

In addition to the shoot this year, we are also providing a free junior clinic for our resident youth, hosted by 6 time All American, Rachel Hopkins! See you in July!!, get your program 


2015 results

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Trevor Dawe-196

JUNIOR GOLD champion

No Entries

SUB--VET champion

Fred Goodman-195

SUB-Junior champion

Trey Dyck- 196

LADY I champion

Tina Chudoba-188

VETERAN champion

Allan Radway-196

singles champion

Jim Thomson-196

LADY II champion

Diane Peyton-193

2015 provincial champions

2015 scores

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JUNIOR champion

Jacob Johnson-189


doubles champion

Bruce McKenna-99

     host club

July 20-24, 2016

High over all champion

Neil Burbidge-963

handicap champion

Gary Tebb-99

high all around champion

Trey Dyck-383

  • Wednesday 

Events 1-4, 200 Pair Doubles (All American Points available on 2nd, 3rd, and 4th rounds)

  • Thursday

Event 1, 100 singles, Event 2, 100 Handicap, Event 3, 50 Pair Doubles

  • Friday

Event 4, 100 Singles, Event 5,100 Handicap, Event 6, 50 pair Doubles

  • Special Dinner

Special Event

  • Saturday

Event 7, 100 Singles first half,

Event 8, 100 Singles second half

  • Annual General Meeting
  • Sunday

Event 9, 50 Pair Doubles,

Event 10, 100 Handicap

2016 program

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2016 alberta provincial championships

Presented by the APTA and the Edmonton Gun Club