Alberta Provincial Trapshooting Association

VETERAN champion

Larry Ivany- 196

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July 19-23, 2017

SUB--VET champion

Art Peyton-197

doubles champion

Ron Crockford-99

singles champion

Jim Thomson-198

2016 provincial champions

2017 provincials

Welcome back to the 2017 Provincials! This year will be another spectacular event, boasting

All American Points, a Six Class Trophy Package and $10000 Added Money!! Be sure to book your camping space as soon as possible, call Peter 403-256-0665, or email "".  Thank you to all of our sponsors this year, and we hope to see everyone out for our Bayer CropScience Banquet on Friday Evening, as well as our APTA Hall of Fame Inductions on Saturday!  

           Best of Luck Shooters! 

JUNIOR champion

Jacob Johnson-194


LADY II champion

Diane Peyton-192

chair shooter champion

Bert Brumwell- 187

high all around champion

Allan Radway-386

2016 results


2017 results

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  • Wednesday 

Events 1-4, 200 Pair Doubles (All American Points available on 2nd, 3rd, and 4th rounds)

  • Thursday

Event 1, 100 singles, Event 2, 100 Handicap, Event 3, 50 Pair Doubles

  • Friday

Event 4, 100 Singles, Event 5,100 Handicap, Event 6, 50 pair Doubles

  • Special Dinner

Special Event

  • Saturday

Event 7, 100 Singles first half,

Event 8, 100 Singles second half

  • Annual General Meeting
  • Sunday

Event 9, 50 Pair Doubles,

Event 10, 100 Handicap

JUNIOR GOLD champion

Rayna Howlett-166

2016 scores

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High over all champion

Shawn McNeil- 954/1000

handicap champion

Mike Cain-96

2017 alberta provincial championships

Presented by the APTA and the Calgary  Firearms Center 

SUB-Junior champion

Niklas Tebb- 188

senior VETERAN champion

Clare Hebron- 197

LADY I champion

Amanda Obrigewitch-194

2017 program

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