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The month of April is almost past, the grass is green and we are ready to start trapshooting in Alberta. At the Arizona State in Ben Avery we again had good representation with Albertans taking home 11 trophies over the shoot.  Diane Peyton had a very good run, winning 6 of the total, other winners where Ron McConnell, Gerry Gau, Art Peyton and yours truly.
Our Canadian Trapshooting Championships are coming up in Hamilton on June 29 to July 3 in Hamilton.  This will be a big shoot, and likely qualify for All American points basis past results.  Consider a trip to Hamilton, perhaps tie in a visit with relatives and bring back some trophies to Alberta!  If there are specific questions on the Canadian, give Shane Vaughn, our Alberta CTA representative a call.

We know that there has been major construction on holding ponds by the airport authority around the Edmonton Gun Club; Jack Broadfoot reports that construction is now complete and new landscaping is under way.  The club is open, and shooting is active and under way earlier than expected. Things are gearing up for another great Provincial; we look forward to seeing you in Edmonton July 20-24.

Some of you may have been on the ATA Hall of Fame site and know that we are in an exiting time with the new building on the Sparta site.  Items are moving in and displays set up for the grand opening during this years Grand American.  If you can make it to Sparta this year, keep this on your agenda; it is a great building full of trapshooting history that will increase the appreciation for the sport and history of the game.
Also coming up is the Western Zone in Calgary.  This has become a larger, and more interesting shoot in the last few years. In 2016 there are 12 host sites from Arizona to Alaska to Hawaii that compete for club trophies but also Western zone honors with scores computerized on a real time basis.  At our site in Calgary Bob and his staff always host a fine shoot, and we look forward to a good attendance and fun for all.

Many of you who have visited Ben Avery gun club in Phoenix will know Paul and Donny Doetsch.  Paul and Donny have run the shoots at Ben Avery for many years, and have helped us Canadians in many ways.  They are a wonderful couple that has done much for trapshooting.  Paul and Donny have tentative plans to visit Canada this year and attend the Stampede Grand in Calgary, so plan to come and say hi if you get the chance. If there are questions, or you have info you would like to see published, please give me a call.if there are questions give me a call or get hold of me at

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