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Garry Hill

It is the end of April and there is still snow on the ground in much of Alberta, but days are getting longer and shooters are preparing for an eventful year of trapshooting in Alberta.

Good news for the Alberta Trapshooting Association, Heather and Bert Brumwell have donated $10,000.00 to APTA! I know I speak for all of our shooters in saying a huge thank you to Heather and Bert. There is no specific designation for the money at this time, the board of directors will determine best use for the funds along with any guidance Heather and Bert wish to give. Thank you Heather and Bert!

The Arizona state finished the winter shooting season for most of the snowbirds.   We had a few winners, but not as many as usual.  Diane Peyton got back to winning ways with a couple of handicap wins, including Lady 2 in the Championship.  Art also picked up a couple trophies including a 98 in handicap and RU in Sub Vet Championship singles with a 199.  Allan Radway won RU in the Vet doubles championship with 97 and yours truly took sub vet with a 99.

I had the pleasure of shooting with Lynn and Jesse Smith when Jesse shot his first 100 straight in Casa Grande.  He not only shot his first 100, but also prevailed in a later shoot off on the wobble trap with a perfect 25!  Jesse has put up some great scores in their first outing to Arizona, congratulations and I am sure we will see many more to come!

Bert Brumwell continues his quest to be All American captain of the chair team.  Bert is currently leading the AA points with his many wins at the Spring Grand and Arizona state shoot.

Doug Leong continued to shoot great scores on his Arizona tour, including a 97 in cap which got him back to the 25 yard line.

When this is published we will be close to the Canadian in Edmonton, Zone in Edmonton and Provincial in Calgary. Plan your agenda carefully to include these 3 major shoots along with your club events.

I look forward to seeing you in the line somewhere in Alberta this summer!

If there are things you would like submitted please give me a call or get hold of me via E mail.

April 2017 alberta trap & field report 

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