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Garry Hill

       Alberta Provincial Trapshooting Association

august 2016 alberta trap & field report 

​Alberta trapshooting activities and accomplishments

August has been a busy month, beginning with the drive to Sparta and the endurance task of trying to stay sharp for the full 2600 targets.  Attendance was up significantly at the start of the shoot, but evened out towards grand week. Some of the heat and humidity tested us prairie shooters, but it again was a great shoot.  Alberta attendance was down this year with 7 attendees and though we did not bring any Championship crowns back we did manage to bring back a few trophies, details will be available in Trap and Field.

It was my first Hall of Fame banquet as a Trustee this year.  Working with a great team of people to select those to be acknowledged by the HOF, and bringing on a new building to display our trapshooting history has been a wonderful learning experience.

While in Sparta, the gun club fund recipients where announced and Medicine Hat was the recipient of a $5000.00 grant.  Tickets sold this year for the Krieghoff combo finance the gun club fund.  The gun did not make it to Alberta but some of the ticket money did!  Hats off to Harold Schwandt for taking the initiative to put together a successful proposal that will help anchor the Medicine Hat club for a long time to come.

There have been several shoots in Alberta the last few weeks, but since I just got back from a (successful) sheep hunt and the deadline is already past for this submission I have not had time to catch up on detail.  If there are things from the Rose Bowl, Medicine Hat, Castor or Claresholm shoots that need publishing let me know.

I do know that Don Checkel shot at and hit his 50,000 registered singles target at the tournament in Castor on August 6, - congratulations Don!

Another piece of good news for the Alberta Association, we just found out today that Bill and Lee Ann Martin have contributed another $5000.00 to the APTA, to be used as directors see fit for the betterment of our sport. The initial $30K Martin contribution from 2014 was used over 3 years to fund programs and promotion that helped contribute to a 3 year increase of over 900 entries at our Provincial tournament.

What great people the Martins are!  Trapshooting is very fortunate to have these two individuals who are so dedicated to helping our sport prosper, and the only thing they ask in return is that we have fun … cant beat that for true support!

If there are things you would like submitted please give me a call or get hold of me via E mail.