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Summer is moving along fast, we are back from the Grand American in Sparta with more experience but not many trophies.  We had 8 shooters attend this year, excellent representation for the size and distance of our Province.  Grand attendance was about equal to 2016, but AIM, the youth shoot prior to the Grand was up considerably.  Weather was cooler than normal and very comfortable for shooting. While the Alberta group did not win many trophies, it was fun to watch as fellow westerner Pat Lamont dominated Championship week. 

There have been an increasing number of shooters from New Zealand and Australia the last few years in Sparta, over 20 from Australia this year.  It is now official that Australia is part of the Western Zone, they hope to start having ATA shoots there in near future, something to remember if you are planning a trip to that part of the world.  Similarly, New Zealand is already a member of the ATA and registered shoots are continuing to develop there.

There were a number of rule clarifications finalized at the zone and AGM at the grand. On a 2-year trial basis, there will no longer be reductions to the 18 yard line starting in the new year.  Those who are on the 18 now will stay until they earn yardage. The failure to fire rule in doubles has been clarified, if the first target is hit and second is the failure to fire, the pair is repeated with the first target established as dead.

There will also be a major revamping of the All American Points system; point pins will no longer be required.  Changes will be published shortly on the ATA website.

Our Western Zone shoot this year will be held July 20 -22, this overlaps with our Provincial tournament.  This scheduling occurred because of reasons, including the Grand moving forward to August 1, one less weekend in July, and some overlaps with the PITA grand. The APTA board is now considering hosting the zone concurrently with the Provincial; announcements likely will be made prior to this being published.

On an Alberta note we are again pleased the ATA has awarded Medicine Hat a grant of $2500.00 from the Gun Club fund.  You will remember these funds are generated from the Perazzi Combo tickets, which many of you have purchased.  Nice to see some of the funds come to Alberta, again!  Call Harold if you want tips on filling out successful grant applications!  Brandon Gun Club, site of our 2018 Canadian, as also a recipient of a gun club grant.

Congratulations to Brad Johnson and his family for putting on a very successful first registered shoots in Wainwright on August 26 and 27.  Reports are that targets where great and hospitality was even better.  Brad continued his winning ways with another 200 in the singles, after winning the Provincial with a similar score.  It was also good to see Ron McConnell again hitting his stride with a 392 to take the HAA.

If there are things you would like to see in this report, please give me a call or let me know by e-mail.

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