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We have just concluded another spring grand in Tucson, I am sure those in attendance will agree it was the best weather we have seen form many years for this event.
Overall numbers where down just a bit, but still very strong.   We had 17 Alberta shooters attend, down from about 20 the previous year.  The Canadian $ kept quite a number of Canadian shooters home in the north this year.
Burt Brumwell was the big winner in trophy numbers and advanced his cause to make the Chair All American team. Ron McConnell did well picking up ½ dozen trophies, mostly in prelim events which included a 100 in doubles and a 99 and 97 in handicap.

It was good to see Brad and Jacob Johnson down for the prelims, Jacob picking up 4 trophies and Brad getting yardage and a win with a 99 in cap.  Ron Crockford ran a couple of 99s in doubles for sub vet shootoff wins in prelim championships and class doubles in the main week.

Dianne Peyton picked up 2 trophies during the shoot, while yours truly won sub vet doubles champion with a 98. Gerry Gau waited until the final event to blast a 98 in cap, which resulted in RU in vet cat after shootoff.  All in all a great shoot, thanks to the fine folks at TTSC for hosting and providing a great service to the sport.

Good news for the Grand American in that the facility in Sparta will be opening in April.  While there is still may be issues to be clarified, it points more and more to the facility being operated as normal for this year.  No need to hold off on plans to attend if you are interested for this year.

Our Provincial tournament is now planned and the program is available on the website, it will be a great shoot again.  Numerous shooters from the U.S. have given preliminary indication they will be attending.

Just prior to the Provincial, plan on attending the Western Zone shoot in Calgary.  This will be a high profile “electronic” shoot with 12 locations in our Western Zone.  As western zone secretary I am involved with selection of prizes and will tell you there are some very nice trophies available for zone winners.
Hope to see you on the shoot circuit this spring, if there are questions give me a call or get hold of me at

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