february 2017 alberta trap & field report 

‚ÄčAlberta trapshooting activities and accomplishments

The Spring Grand has just been completed as this is written.  Alberta had a solid attendance with 23 Albertans participating in various events. Attendance was up this year during championship week, the grounds and vendors where very active for the whole week. 

Bert Brumwell had a very nice run on trophies in the chair category, but outside of that it was a tough year for Albertan awards.  Notables where Ron Crockford winning sub vet runner up in the doubles championship.  It was nice to see Jesse and Lynn Smith down from High Level to attend their first spring grand. Both made it into shootoffs, with Jesse having an exciting time winning A doubles in the championship and B high overall. Doug Leong also had numerous good scores, including a 95 in preliminary handicap which earned Senior Vet runner-up.  Trevor Dawe was the only Albertan in the run for a singles Championship.  His 199 and 24 in shoot off did not win a singles trophy, but he did pick up the B class HAA award.

While things are quiet on the trapshooting front in Alberta right now, it is time to read the programs and make plans to attend the Canadian Championships, Western Zone and Alberta Championships.  These 3 major shoots combined with the many club shoots will make it a busy year. 
The Canadian in Edmonton will be the largest shoot in the west this year, early indications are for good attendance from across Canada, and is offering $5000 added money.

The Western zone in Edmonton this year will feature a $3000 added money HOA Lewis with no entry fee, another good reason to attend.

The Provincial in Calgary will have a great shooting program, and in addition to $10000 added money, it will feature induction of 3 honored shooters into the Alberta Hall of Fame, Dianne Peyton, Larry Ivany and Trevor Dawe.

I hope to see you at all three of these major events and many of the club shoots scheduled for the year.

If there are things you would like submitted please give me a call or get hold of me via E mail. hillgarry62@gmail.com.

ata delegate

Garry Hill

       Alberta Provincial Trapshooting Association