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At time of writing we are headed into a busy July of shooting which includes our Canadian Championships, Western Zone and Alberta Provincial.
Medicine Hat started off the June tournaments with some good scores and reasonable weather.
There was a nice turn out in Edmonton for a couple of breezy days of shooting their June tournament.  Edmonton now has their S3 electronic program working and will be using it for future shoots. 

Weather has not been kind to the shoots in Calgary, it seems rain and wind are order of the day for Calgary tournaments so far, hopefully that will change for the rest of the year.
Alberta had a great turnout at the Western Grand in Vernal with 8 shooters attending. It was good to see Bert and Heather Brumwell down south. Bert shot very well and dominated the Chair category, while Diane Peyton dominated the Lady 2 group.  Jim Thompson shot well and was always in striking distance, Allan Radway did come away with a veteran award on Sundays handicap.

If you have not done so already, check out the history of Alberta shooting on the website, there are lots of interesting results and information about current and past shooters.

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