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Garry Hill

may 2018 alberta trap & field report 

‚ÄčAlberta trapshooting activities and accomplishments

Spring has finally come to the Prairies and our shooting season is under way.  Unfortunately, the first shoot of the year in Edmonton had to be cancelled due to the unusually late spring and resulting water and flooding problems that came with it.  Reports are that everything is up and running and the June 2 registered shoot will proceed as planned.

Weather was not a friend either at Calgary for the second ATA event of the year, lots of wind and tough conditions, but still a few good scores including a 100 in singles for Trevor Dawe.

The Medicine Hat club has undergone a host of upgrades since last season.  A new kitchen, revamped clubhouse, upgraded grounds and sporting clay layout are now all a part of the packages offered by the club. Hot sunny conditions prevailed during the end of May event at club, along with the usual Medicine hat breeze.  There were still lots of good scores though, and hats off to the club for the excellent roast beef dinner on Saturday evening.

In addition to attending your club shoots, I again encourage everyone to come out and attend the Provincial in Edmonton, the zone shoot in conjunction with it this year is a bonus, so it will be our single biggest ATA event of the year. The shoot program, Trevor Kuhn along with Jack Broadfoot and the Edmonton club have put together a good one, is on the website for those who want to know the detail.

Bert and Heather Brumwells $10k support has ensured it will have lots of good payouts for those who play the options, and Bayer sponsorship of the banquet will ensure we are well fed.  Zone option events will also be available this year for the first time in many years. With the 500 plus shooters competing in the zone these payouts can be attractive if one has a good day and shoots well. 

It is off to Vernal and the Western Grand for me next week, please give me a call or email

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