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Shoot Year at a Glance
Sep 5,6 Edmonton Golf Leaf Shoot
Sep 12,13 Athabasca Ellis Crumb Memorial
Sep 19 Castor National Trap Day
Sep 20 Calgary National Trap Day
Nov 4 to 15 Tucson, AZ 17th Autumn Grand
Feb 15 to 21 Tucon Arizona Spring Grand
May 8,9 Calgary Holdsworth-Nattrass
May 22,23 Edmonton Memorial Shoot
May 28,29,30 Medicine Hat Rattler Classic
Jun 4,5,6 Calgary Fuller-Manning
Jun 12,13 Athabasca Andy Wood Memorial
Jun 18,19,20 Castor Trophy Shoot
Jun 25,26,27 Lone Pine /Olds Canadian Championship
Jun 30 to Jul 4 Calgary Stampede Grand
Jul 9,10,11 High Prairie Northern Lights Shoot
Jul 16,17,18 Edmonton Western Zone
Jul 21,22,23,24,25 Calgary Provincial Championship
Jul 30 to Aug 1 Olds R.R. Brown Memorial
Aug 7,8 Edmonton City Championship
Aug 13,14,15 Medicine Hat The Mad Hatter
Aug 13,14,15 Peavine/High Prairie D Hazen All Peace Shoot
Aug 20,21,22 Calgary Rose Bowl
Aug 27,28,29 Wainright Bert Brumwell Memorial
===== 2022 Shoot Year =====
Sep 4,5 Edmonton Gold Leaf Shoot
Sep 11,12 Athabasca Ellis Crumb Memorial
Sep 18 Castor National Trap Day
Sep 19 Calgary National Trap Day
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Welcome to the APTA is the online home of the APTA, and the Alberta Provincial Trapshooting Championships! Here you can find event dates, host locations and contacts, as well as past champions and current programs. and the APTA are dedicated to the continued development of our sport, and to provide a forum for information and recognition of sponsors, contributors and past champions.

Purpose of the APTA

  • To maintain an affiliation with the Amateur Trapshooting Association
  • To control registered shooting in the province of Alberta in accordance with the rules of the ATA
  • To yearly organize and run the Alberta trapshooting provincials by the rules of the ATA
  • To promote a high degree of continuity in all ATA competitions in Alberta
  • To support by any means the existence and creation of the gun clubs promoting North American style Trapshooting in our province

Our Sponsors

Thanks to Heather and Bert Brumwell and Leanne and Bill Martin for there matching five thousand dollars donations.

Thanks to Bayer who generously donated dinner at our provincial shoot.


Mar 23/2021

Trapshooters of Alberta would like thank the Lone Pine Gun Club in Olds Alberta for providing a place to shoot the Canadain Sattlelite competition.The event will be taking place on the 25 to 27 of June 2021.  The shoot will be a 700 bird event. The 25th will have the regular 300 (singles handicap and doubles). The 26 will be the 200 singles championship and the 27th will be the doubles and handicap championship. Don and Donna Checkell will be manning the computers and Sandy Evans will be providing the catering.  Hope to see everyone come out and support this event and make it a success.   

Jan 28/2021

A sad day for trapshooters. Rod Boll passed away at home last night of a  heart attack, Rod was known through North America and internationally for his shooting skills and as one of those personalities when you meet you never forget. He capatured 23 different canadain title win all five major events the handicap being the the last in 2019.   He will be sorely missed in our shooting community. Our hearts go out to his family, terry Schon and Kahl

Nov 19/2020

Message from the APTA President

 Hi Everyone

I hope you are all doing well and staying safe during this crazy time. Just a quick summary of the 2020 Fall Annual Meeting. First off, we voted on Rob Docherty going into the Hall of Fame and it was unanimously decided that the nomination be approved. Congratulations Doc!

There was a lengthy discussion on different recommendations for the Provincial trophy package. It was resolved that there would be no changes to the trophy package for 2021. The three club requirement for the All Stars Team will remain the same but it will not apply to the High catagory awards. We are going to try a New Shooter Mentorship program. An experienced shooter will help a new shooter through there first registered shoot. For example, guide them through the entry process, explain the squad board and banking system, and maybe even squad with them for their first event. Anyone interested in joining can let Jesse Smith know. There will be a contract between the APTA and the Host Provincial Club on expectations, requirements going forward. Regarding alternate sources of funding, there will be another gun raffle this year. The tickets are now printed and ready for sale.

Stay safe and healthy,

Brad Johnson, President of the APTA


November 8/2020

Sad to announce the passing of Robert Brumwell on November 7th. Bert was a huge supporter of trap shooting in Alberta and will be deeply missed. Our condolences goes out to Heather and the family.


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New Shooter Mentorship program

This program is designed to help new shooters through there first Alberta ATA shoot. The shooter will be contacted by their mentor and arrangements will be made to meet at the shoot. The mentor will help with registration and explain the  classing system. They will explain the bank board and get the new shooter to their first trap round and answer any questions that they can about trap shooting.  Any questions a new shooter may have about being mentored or becoming a mentor please contact Jesse Smith a text is preferred 780 523 6032 

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